A Gold Standard: Making Microsoft Work for You

As an experienced Microsoft Partner, Cloudforce has learned and earned its way into a position that allows us to make the nearly $200 billion dollar company that is Microsoft work for you.

In today’s world there is a scramble for technical solutions to accommodate modern work, security needs, infrastructure logistics, and more. With each scramble comes a solution, but it seems not many know what they are or how to get them.

If you are a company in today’s post-pandemic modern era, how easy is it for you to not only adopt the technical solutions necessary, but gain the know-how to utilize them yourself?

We have deciphered and utilized the full arsenal of Microsoft’s VAST well of knowledge, programs, and yes, even incentives for clients to adapt and grow using Microsoft Azure.

Partaking in the many (understatement of the year) resources available to partners, which included attending Microsoft Inspire 2022, Cloudforce has really gone to work in understanding Microsoft’s programs and opportunities for our customers to adapt and adopt. (You may have seen this in our blog series for the past few months, where we asked several team members to write a post on a topic relating to Inspire and the various updates Microsoft released with it.)

A great example of our dedication was with a client whose IT team was in need of training on Microsoft Teams, as they were considering it for their communications solution. Microsoft has provided a partner-led training program that only a few partners know about yet alone are qualified to deliver.

Did you know that only Partners with an exclusive “Solutions Partner” designation have an exclusive right to deliver these customizable workshops to that end?

Cloudforce does.

And with that knowledge, Cloudforce delivered this workshop to train this client in not only the exact Teams solutions they needed, but more importantly, how to implement them. The best part is this client paid nothing for it.

Making Microsoft work for you is the reason why we have attained the new Solutions Partner designations with Microsoft in the areas of Azure Infrastructure and Modernized Apps. We have also achieved what is called Advanced Specialization — a specialization only a small percentage of partners are able to reach. These standards require benchmarks for a partner’s expertise, skill, and customer satisfaction.

We passed those benchmarks because we have made it a priority to have our company not only meet these standards, but to pass on the benefits to you.

Now of course, there isn’t enough time here to go over everything we know — which just gets updated at a blinding pace anyway. Instead, you can take a look at our blog series to find insights on Microsoft updates and how we make them work for you. Whether you are a partner of ours or looking to make the move to Azure (or if you want to transition from not understanding how various Microsoft programs and products work, to making them work for you), please shoot me a message on LinkedIn — I’d be more than happy to help.

Kamal’s life before Cloudforce was that of volunteering, helping others with issues that they had problems solving. After mastering this ability, he translated that problem-solving ability to groups, and eventually sales. He became successful in sales because he saw it as a way to help others. And in the process, he’s forged bonds with customers that he’ll never forget. He takes this experience into Cloudforce as the Cloud Champion with the aim of assisting it to become the greatest tech company in the world, while also helping others achieve success through what we do in Azure and the cloud in general.

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