No B.S.
Just Results.

Our SMART approach includes a healthy dose of research and discovery before we start untangling your tech. We’ll consult with your staff and end-users, analyze your system’s costs and capabilities, and plaster your business objectives all over our whiteboard so we never lose sight of your big-picture goal.


Our Process.

Our process typically uncovers new insights that point us toward better ways of doing things. We communicate our learnings at every stage, so together we can create a system that’s even better at its job than we are… and which can scale as your business grows.


Get Smart.

We’re always looking for smarter ways to work. So, naturally, we go the SMART route when it comes to building, migrating, and maintaining cloud infrastructure. Here’s what that means to us:

  1. S.elective

    We begin with a deep-dive into your current systems and applications, identifying opportunities to consolidate functionality and decommission elements that are redundant, outdated, or simply not serving your long-term business goals.

  2. M.easured

    While we’re under the hood, we investigate resource utilization and usage to identify opportunities for increased cost efficiency, without sacrificing functionality.

  3. A.nalytical

    Most of the people using your system won’t share our love of solving gnarly tech problems. We conduct extensive stakeholder interviews, noting pain points, taking suggestions, and sympathizing with concerns. Then we turn these conversations into technical requirements, bridging the gap between your business-people and our engineers.

  4. R.esponsible

    During builds, we’ll seize every opportunity to strengthen your security posture and minimize compliance risk for every application. Those security breaches you’re always reading about in the news? We’ll make sure they’re never yours.

  5. T.houghtful

    Our fully customized systems deliver equally on big-picture goals and day-to-day user needs. We leverage SaaS and PaaS to significantly lower your security risk and minimize the time and effort required to maintain your environment.

Talk to
a Human.

We soundly reject the stereotype of the rumpled tech guy who can’t look you in the eye. Our projects are lead by systems architects and engineers (at senior level and above) who are as dynamic while chatting over coffee as they are untangling a network diagram. And we’ve built customer service into our company DNA, so an architect or engineer from your project is always on-call to answer questions. We’re equally comfortable going deep with your in-house sys-admin or using plain English for your less tech-savvy teammates.

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