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Big Ideas.

Businesses come to us at every stage of the cloud adoption journey, from the mere inkling of going cloud-based to having a sophisticated system that’s up and running (but could be running better).


What We Do.

We start with a fresh strategy for every project and always implement our SMART process, whether we’re building an off-the-shelf e-commerce platform or migrating a global real estate firm.

  1. Build

    We customize cloud-based systems to match our clients’ structure, usage, and long-term business objectives, often uncovering new sticking points or areas for improvement and solving them along the way. Our systems are many things (nimble, scalable, cost-efficient, responsive), but they are never one-size-fits-all. By combining tried-and-true industry best practices with the latest in Microsoft’s wide array of cloud services, we provide our clients with all the advantages of bleeding-edge tech, without sacrificing stability, security, or long-term support. Gain a competitive edge with technology that empowers your workforce to do more, faster.

  2. Migrate

    We’ll free your system from local servers and migrate it seamlessly into the cloud, reducing data-center overhead while eliminating redundancies and slashing costs. As an added bonus, this un-tethers your workforce so they can get more done from home or on the road, and lets you attract and retain those brilliant digital nomads who refuse to be tied down. Whether your migration is triggered by an office move, a looming hardware refresh, or simply the desire to progress digital transformation for your organization, we’ll collaboratively design a migration roadmap that makes sense for your timeline, budget, and long-term goals. We’ll take care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your business objectives.

  3. Maintain

    Under our nebulaONE™ product, we cover all aspects of cloud infrastructure maintenance, freeing up your staff to focus on growth. Let us handle security, scalability, responsiveness, compliance, and reporting: our focus on customer service means a smart and speedy response to your needs is only an email or (domestic) phone call away. Leveraging best-in-class monitoring and reporting tools, including native Microsoft technologies, we’ll keep a pulse on your cloud 24/7 (and provide you with the dashboards and reports you need to stay informed). Optimization is in our DNA, so it’s safe to assume we’re always looking for ways to make your systems more cost efficient, leveraging real time data to right-size your resources behind the scenes.

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