Cloudforce Achieves Fifth Microsoft Solutions Partner Designation 🏅   

At Cloudforce, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation, driving transformative solutions for our clients. Our latest designation as a Microsoft Solutions Partner for #ModernWork recognizes our efforts to do just that with our recent efforts to help clients successfully boost productivity and profitability as they make the shift to hybrid work. 🎉

“Every day, we are precipitating huge gains for our clients as we help them more fully embrace all of the assets of #Microsoft365 and now #AI,” said Cloudforce AVP of Growth, Damien Robinson. “Achieving the Modern Work designation amplifies our ability to support our customers, driving transformative growth and innovation.”

Cloudforce already holds designations in #Azure Digital & App Innovation; Azure Data & AI; Azure Infrastructure; and #Security. Every designation received signifies that we’ve met rigorous standards set by Microsoft demonstrating our ability to deliver exceptional results in specified solution areas. 📈 💡

“Each certificate earned represents countless hours of learning, mastering technologies, and staying ahead of the curve,” said Cloudforce Cloud Champion Kamal Cunningham. “They’re not just pieces of paper; they’re badges of knowledge and dedication.” 📜

This achievement also reinforces our reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking organization and assures our clients they’re partnering with a top-tier provider, benefiting from our specialized knowledge and future-proof solutions. 🌟

Congratulations and props to our incredible #eliteforce, whose dedication and expertise have propelled us to this prestigious milestone. Onward! 🙌 🚀

A true force of nature, Jasmin thrives on bringing order and solutions to chaos and challenges. As Cloudforce Communications Specialist, Jasmin has already organized efforts, resources, and assets into a steady flow of regular social media posts, and has proven her graphic design skills and talent through a wide range of creative deliverables, from infographics to marketing collateral.

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