Cloudforce and Microsoft bring the power of AI to Student Hackers at Bitcamp 2024!

🔥🧠Cloudforce and Microsoft teamed up to ignite young minds at the 2024 Annual Bitcamp Hackathon hosted by University of Maryland (UMD). The largest collegiate hashtaghackathon on the East Coast, Bitcamp 2024 attracted a record 2,000+ registered hackers from all levels of proficiency, for an immersive 36-hour experience challenging students to create cutting-edge projects across websites, apps, and hardware. 🌐
🤖💡Proudly sponsoring the Machine Learning Track, our Cloudforce hackathon ninjas focused on “Best use of AI/ML Innovation for the Francis Scott Key Bridge Recovery Efforts”. Our team, including Microsoft Chief Innovation Officer of Education, Michael J. Jabbour, offered hands-on mentorship and showcased industry-leading hashtagAI and hashtagmachinelearning (ML) services such as the hashtagAzure hashtagOpenAI Service and hashtagCopilot for hashtagMicrosoft365. PLUS–for the first time ever–we hosted the branded mini-game “Microsoft x Cloudforce Copilot Prompt-a-Thon.” With 7 incredible teams in our prize track, the competition was fierce!

🥇💻Cloudforce’s 1st place winner Kaushik Reddy Kanumuru earned a hashtagMicrosoftSurfaceGo3 for his project, “BuildKey AI,” using custom hashtagGPT-based tech to aid emergency responders. Kaushik gratefully acknowledged  Cloudforce Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer Ryland DeGregory and Technical Trainer Garrett Broady for patiently guiding him through hashtagMicrosoftAzure AI services saying, “Their warmth and assistance were truly appreciated. This certainly reflects their company’s culture and talent.”

🏆 👏Cloudforce also congratulates 2nd place winning team Anuraag Tripathy, Preethi Narayanan, Swastik Agrawal and Priyadarshan Narayanasamy; and 3rd place winners, Arman Mahjoor and Joshua Cancio. We also gratefully acknowledge UMD President Darryll J. Pines; and Bitcamp Sponsorship Director Veda Singireddy, Sponsorship Organizer Beatrice Chung, and Finance Director Anjali Samavedam. Shoutout to Nicholas Christine from Microsoft for sharing this amazing opportunity with Cloudforce. And huge thanks to our hashtageliteforce volunteers whose dedication and support made this event a success! 🙌 🤝

hashtagBitcamp 2024 marks the 10th anniversary for this incredible effort to challenge and inspire young minds on their journey to become tomorrow’s technology innovators and leaders.🎉🚀

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