Cloudforce Doubles Up with Second Microsoft Advanced Specialization in 2022

Given the emerging trend of hybrid and remote work, many customers have asked Cloudforce to streamline the management of staff end-user desktops and strengthen their security footprint. ️ In response, Cloudforce began deploying Microsoft’s Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) which allows customers to securely access their desktop from any internet-connected location using a company-issued or personal device. AVD allows users to be productive with the desktop experience they’re used to while giving IT managers the tools️ to ensure enhanced security and management.  

Subsequently, Cloudforce decided to put its growing experience to the test and apply for the Advanced Specialization in Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) from Microsoft. This specialization certifies to Microsoft that partners can demonstrate deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success in deploying, optimizing, and securing virtual desktops. Thanks to the diligent efforts and expertise of Cloudforce Cloud Solutions Engineer Jonathan Segars, Technical Program Manager Michael L. Winick, Cloud Solutions Engineer Elliot Etter, and Cloud Solutions Engineer Vu Hoang, the firm achieved its goal in early December, earning its Advanced Specialization in Azure Virtual Desktop from Microsoft. This is Cloudforce’s second Advanced Specialization in 2022, having validated its expertise in migrating and optimizing Windows Server and SQL Server production workloads to Azure earlier this year.  

Michael Winick

Michael’s 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field includes helping many government, non-profit, and commercial customers streamline their IT operations while reducing costs and modernizing infrastructure. Early on, he acquired a knack for and curiosity about all things related to technology and enhancing productivity using modern tools. At Cloudforce, Michael has transitioned his career from a technical role to one where he now manages multiple customer projects as Cloudforce Technical Program Manager.

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