Cloudforce Honored with 2024 Microsoft Supplier Prestige Award for Community Commitment

Microsoft honored Cloudforce as the “2024 Showstopper of the Year: Commitment to Community” in its annual Supplier Prestige Awards from over 50,000 global suppliers! 🌟 🤝

Showstopping Prestige … Yep, that’s Cloudforce!

A wise chap once said, “if you’re gonna win, win all the time.” Well, not really… but that’s what we do at Cloudforce🏅. Stick with us here…

🏆Take this week, for example. Fresh off our 4th win as a Fastest Growing Mid-Atlantic business on the 2024 Inc. Magazine Regionals on Tuesday, we turn around to nab a Microsoft Supplier Prestige Award two days later. To top it off, these honors are not only gratifying they are also validating—and vibing on a theme close to our heart. Stay with us…

📈See, not only did we ascend from #124 to #88 on the Inc. list this year, but we were also the only tech biz in our home county of Prince George’s, #Maryland to repeat this honor for the second consecutive year. This means a lot because we believe “success is sweeter when it’s shared.” And making an impact in our community is driven by one of our core values: giving back. Which brings us to our Microsoft Supplier Prestige kudos for “Showstopper of the Year – Commitment to Community”. See what we mean?

🏡🤍So not only are we giving back to the hometown we love—through efforts to identify possibilities and foster opportunities in education, employment and economic development—we’re also being recognized for all we do. It’s like winning, with purpose. And the week’s not even over yet. So…

All we can say is thank you, Inc. Thank you, Microsoft. And thank you to our incredible clients, partners, community, our amazing #eliteforce, and you for following us on our incredible winning journey! Together, we can prove once and for all that winning and corporate citizenship can and should be complimentary traits in business—and that’s the kind of business we can all feel good about winning all the time… 🥂 🚀

A true force of nature, Jasmin thrives on bringing order and solutions to chaos and challenges. As Cloudforce Communications Specialist, Jasmin has already organized efforts, resources, and assets into a steady flow of regular social media posts, and has proven her graphic design skills and talent through a wide range of creative deliverables, from infographics to marketing collateral.

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