Don’t Fear the Unknown: Azure Migrations Are Nothing to Be Afraid Of!

You’ve spent months planning for your shiny new website.  You herded all your stakeholders into meeting after meeting.  You gathered all the requirements.  You developed all the Visio architecture schematics you can stomach.  You spent countless hours, late nights, early mornings and even your treadmill time being consumed by shepherding this project from concept to completion.  Backups?  Redundancy?  Security?  Check.  Check.  Check.   

And now… you’re ready for a vacation.   

The good news?   

Your site launches to much fanfare!   

It’s a rousing success!  Congratulations! 

The bad news?   

Your site launches to much fanfare!  It’s a rousing success!  Congratulations? 

All the work and planning that went into your new site just went up in smoke.  Your site is experiencing bottlenecks due to all the traffic you never thought you’d see in your wildest forecasting dreams.   

The hardware you thought would be more than enough to put a rocket on the moon is getting overwhelmed. Your servers are experiencing long response times leading to a terrible user experience, freezes, crashes, and other things not fit for print.  

Not good. 

Your C-Suite doesn’t think so either.  You have some explaining to do.   

It’s going to take some time to order, configure, and get additional capacity spun up and ready to roll.   


You can migrate your web stack to Azure! 

“What?!?!  The CLOUD?!?!  No way!  It’s expensive and cumbersome and I’m scared of the unknown!” 

Lucky for you Microsoft and their esteemed partners such as Cloudforce have you covered! 

There are over 650+ Advanced Specialization partners and Cloudforce is one of them, having received our Windows Server and SQL Server Migration to Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization earlier this year in addition to being a Microsoft Gold Partner! 

What does this mean for you? 

It means we spent 8 hours with a Microsoft auditor to prove we know our stuff.  We’re experts at what we do and we prove it every day. 

This isn’t about our prowess (entirely), this is about you!  The middle manager who knows the advantages of Microsoft Azure but always gets push back from the brass.  The executive who still views IT as a cost center and doesn’t trust the cloud.  The system admins who would love to do more automation and leverage everything Azure can do to keep you secure. 

Cloudforce hears you!   

We are all about people and problem first.  We dive in to get to know you, the challenges you face and to understand your desired outcomes.  We’re not looking to be your IT vendor, we’re seeking to be a strategic partner. 

Did you know?   


Sure, Microsoft partners are passionate about what they do, but credit must be given to Microsoft as they provide all the tools necessary to truly be elite. 

The Cloud Adoption Framework and the Well-Architected Framework are two frameworks that take all the guesswork out of migrations as well as provide an array of tools, a template, and checklists to keep things moving along, on track, and performed with best practices in mind.  Cloudforce utilizes both, every day, to help our clients’ migrations go smoothly.     

To add additional value, Microsoft has bundled these frameworks as well as additional features into their Azure Migration and Modernization Program (AMMP), which helps accelerate your cloud migration and modernization process with a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Best practices, resources, and guidance 
  • Technical skill building 
  • Azure engineering support 
  • Specialized partners 
  • Cloud migration and modernization tools 
  • Unique offers for reducing migration costs 

This is a great thing for partners like Cloudforce as 80% of customers are seeking best-of-breed cloud solutions and AMMP allows us to provide this. 

New and Improved! 


At Microsoft Inspire 2022, there were some exciting new features being rolled out to the AMMP program including the capability to modernize and JAVA apps to Azure Kubernetes Service or Azure App Service… just in time for that migration you need to help relieve the bottlenecks you’re experiencing!  

So, what are you waiting for?  The cloud isn’t the future, the future is now!  Reach out to Cloudforce today to get started in modernizing your critical infrastructure. 


***Images sourced from Microsoft Inspire 2022

Shawn Collins

Shawn has spent the last 9 years in IT and is the Cloud Services Manager at Cloudforce. He holds MS-900, AZ-900, PL-900, MS-500, CompTIA Project+ and ITIL 4 Foundation certifications. Ever since he was a kid messing around with the old 8088's, he knew there was a future in technology. From the cacophony of a dial-up connection to eagerly anticipating that "You've got mail" to administering accounts through MS365; DOS to Windows 95 to Windows 10; Server 2003 to Server 2019; HTML and FrontPage to Word Press and Wix; and floppy disks to Cloud storage. He has touched, seen and used a large variety of hardware and software over the years...and has barely scratched the surface.

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