Introducing nebulaONE: Your Managed Cloud Solution

Cloud migration, adoption, and management have exploded in the past few years, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Forecasting suggests that the total cloud computing market will experience more than 10% year-over-year growth through 2030. Spurred by business needs that increasingly must accommodate globally distributed workforces, data compliance requirements, and the ability to seamlessly scale, more and more organizations are moving to the cloud.

Migrating critical assets to the cloud and adopting new technologies therein, however, only complete part of the puzzle. Once you’ve effectively transitioned into a hybrid or full cloud-based environment, what’s next? The short answer is that it then must be managed to ensure continuity of service and security of data. As staunch advocates of Microsoft’s ecosystem (and as a consultancy that has earned nearly every Microsoft Solutions Partner designation), Cloudforce’s methodology for post-migration closely follows that laid out by Microsoft. Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure shows that crucial steps exist after migration, including security, management, and governance.

Based on this framework, and incorporating feedback from our clients after we’ve successfully migrated their environments, Cloudforce has identified a keen need for an all-in-one Azure cloud management solution that allows our clients to leverage our unparalleled Microsoft cloud expertise on an ongoing basis. The result is Cloudforce’s proprietary managed cloud solution, nebulaONE.

While offloading operational and maintenance responsibilities of your cloud infrastructure is very often the correct move for your business, it does bring its own set of challenges. These challenges run the gamut from data security to industry compliance, to lack of clarity in cloud cost.

One of the biggest challenges of managed cloud computing is data security. As data is increasingly becoming the lifeblood of modern organizations, it is essential that it is properly secured and protected from unauthorized access or breaches. Another challenge of managed cloud computing is compliance. Depending on the industry and location, organizations may need to comply with various regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and SOX. Finally, uncontrolled and misunderstood cloud costs can be a huge stumbling block for businesses trying to innovate and scale.

Fortunately, nebulaONE solves all these issues for you, with the added benefit of having senior technologists and business resources continually improving the offering from both a platform and service standpoint. Having recently joined Cloudforce as the Product Manager for nebulaONE, one of my objectives is to maximize awareness of our flagship product. With a background spanning technology, business development, operations, and product management, I will apply my varied experience in the service of continually improving nebulaONE for our clients.

As an adaptive, all-in-one solution, nebulaONE can provide all of the following:

· Responsive Cloud Service Desk

· Monitoring

· Alert & Response

· Patching

· Governance

· Backups & Disaster Recovery

· Security Hardening

· Custom Business Analysis & Recommendations

· Cost Optimization

With nebulaONE, your cloud environment is always safe, your cloud costs are always predictable, and your peace of mind is always assured. And it’s a solution that will only get better and more refined over time. Are you ready to ascend to the next level and move into the nebula?

Joey Poole

Joey is a problem solver. With a background spanning the breadth of technology, business development, operations, and product management, he often finds workable solutions drawn out of his varied experience. As a Product Manager working with Cloudforce’s managed cloud product nebulaONE, Joey finds himself at the intersection of his team’s technological expertise and business needs.

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