1. Husein Sharaf

    President | CTO
  2. Heba Eldien

    Director of Operations
  3. Jesse Kellner

    Director of Programs
  4. Brad Snyder

    Head of Partnerships
  5. Michael Winick

    Technical Program Manager
  6. Daniel Ruberg

    Cloud Architect
  7. Rhoddy McKown

    Infrastructure Manager
  8. Yayoi Vanzego

    Workforce Specialist
  9. Andrew Seabrook

    Senior Collaboration Engineer
  10. Vu Hoang

    Cloud Solutions Engineer
  11. Chris Maski

    Cloud Solutions Engineer
  12. Leslie Bucher

  13. Jen Westcott

  14. Omid Azizaldin

    Cloud Services Administrator
  15. Elliot Etter

    Cloud Solutions Administrator
  16. Arija Rahman

    Chief of Staff
  17. Angela Latson

    Cloud Services Associate
  18. Michael Bost

  19. Kamal Cunningham

    Cloud Champion
  20. Gin Meizys

    Junior Workforce Specialist
  21. Tré Holland

    Systems Analyst
  22. Todd Dishman

    Cloud Applications SME
  23. Justin Rogers

    Technical Support Specialist
  24. Lucas Spencer

    Cloud Solutions Associate

    Employee Spotlight

  25. Sarah Steil

    Proposal and Contract Specialist
  26. Quiret Suhail

    Technical Project Manager
  27. Benjamin Wofford

    Network Administrator
  28. Katie Bates

    Project Manager
  29. Jonathon Segars

    Cloud Solutions Engineer
  30. Adrian Luckie

    Network Engineer
  31. Kamran Aliakbarlou

    Network Security Architect
  32. Luke Burger

    Cloud Services Associate
  33. Christina Kelly

    Engagement Specialist
  34. Matthew Day

    Cloud Services Associate
  35. Danial Syed

    Technical Support Specialist
  36. Carroll Harden

    Accounting Manager
  37. Jasmin Atienza

    Communications Specialist
  38. Joey Poole

    Product Manager
  39. Aniya Young

    Office Manager
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