This Is Maryland’s Time 🕰️ ✨

“This is Maryland’s time. This is Maryland’s decade… and I’m telling you right now, the whole country is taking notice.” Maryland Gov. Wes Moore told guests at Maryland Marketing Partnership (MMP)’s recent reception honoring MMP members and distinguished business leaders. It was an evening to celebrate the work of the Maryland Department of Commerce bringing civic and business leaders together to help grow Maryland’s economy; encourage businesses to locate and grow in Maryland; retain top talent; and create possibilities and opportunities to ensure no one is left behind. 📈

🤝 “Partnership produces progress, working together produces results,” said Moore. “If we’re going to have growing industries, industries we’re going to want to invest in, we have to create pathways so everybody can understand that growth and be part of it.” 🌱

A public-private partnership founded in statute under the Maryland Department of Commerce, MMP has funded ads for Maryland since 2017. MMP’s current campaign, “Be Moved,” 📍celebrates Maryland as a national leader in #tech workforce growth and as one of the most educated states in the country producing a deep talent pool—making it an ideal location for businesses to move. The campaign includes our very own Founder and CEO, Husein Sharaf, who moved our rapidly growing Cloudforce business to Maryland from Northern Virginia in 2014. 🏢

Special thanks to Secretary, Maryland Department of Commerce, Kevin Anderson; MMP Acting Executive Director, Sherri Diehl; and MMP Director, Corporate Partnerships Robert Scherr for their tireless dedication in making and keeping Cloudforce’s home state of Maryland a top destination for new and growing businesses. 🚀

A true force of nature, Jasmin thrives on bringing order and solutions to chaos and challenges. As Cloudforce Communications Specialist, Jasmin has already organized efforts, resources, and assets into a steady flow of regular social media posts, and has proven her graphic design skills and talent through a wide range of creative deliverables, from infographics to marketing collateral.

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