Unraveling the Threads of Tomorrow’s Tech! 🪡 💡

The Cloudforce team of tech ninjas rode the front edge of innovation at the inaugural Microsoft Fabric Community Conference in the vibrant city of Las Vegas! 🎰 💻

✨ 🧑‍💻Amidst the dazzling lights of the MGM Grand, our hashtageliteforce were immersed in the latest in hashtagdataengineering, unified data governance, and cutting-edge AI integration. From hashtagOneLake‘s unified data source to unraveling the mysteries of hashtagPurview‘s governance prowess for sensitive data, each session infused our ninjas with new tools and learning needed to shape the future of today’s data landscape. And with hashtagCopilot‘s expansion and enhanced usability for non-technical users, they’re now more ready than ever to harness hashtagAI assistance to tackle challenges with unparalleled efficiency and precision. 🤖 🙌

Our attendees also reported that the announcements made at the conference were nothing short of game-changing, representing a seismic shift in the technological landscape. 🌐”We left Las Vegas more excited than ever with the state of our industry, and eager to deliver all these new capabilities to our customers!” said Senior Cloud Solutions Engineer Ryland DeGregory. “It wasn’t just about staying ahead of the curve; it was about leading the charge, driving innovation, and propelling our company into a future defined by limitless possibilities. Cloud Solutions Engineer Jonathon Segars also noted, “Microsoft has laid the groundwork and Cloudforce is invested in empowering organizations to innovate and prepare for the era of AI.” 🚀 👨‍💻

Armed with newfound knowledge, fortified by collaborative spirit, and inspired by the possibilities that lie ahead, our Cloudforce team returned with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to transform possibilities into realities. Stay tuned as we further unravel these incredible insights. 👀 🔍

A true force of nature, Jasmin thrives on bringing order and solutions to chaos and challenges. As Cloudforce Communications Specialist, Jasmin has already organized efforts, resources, and assets into a steady flow of regular social media posts, and has proven her graphic design skills and talent through a wide range of creative deliverables, from infographics to marketing collateral.

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