Using Platforming to Drive Business Automation

How do cloud companies continue the way of modernization? How can partners continue to provide more value to their clients using native Microsoft features? This answer to both questions is automation. This year’s Microsoft Inspire conference featured several presentations about the new and innovative ways Microsoft is improving business productivity by using the Microsoft Power Platform.  

Microsoft Power Automate allows technical ninjas to automate processes within Microsoft 365 without needing to know the backend code. Power Automate allows those in non-developer roles to create workflows and functions to assist with day-to-day tasks. Automation also increases overall efficiency by removing the element of human error, proving it an asset to improving time management at Cloudforce. This means added time that can be used to bring greater value to our clients. 

Recently, Cloudforce has experienced a period of hypergrowth, which unearthed an exceedingly time-consuming pain point. While the onboarding of new employees is exciting, constantly setting up new laptops and new user accounts tended to strain resources.  

The Microsoft Power Platform has given us the ability to onboard our new team members at the click of a button and with lightning speed. Using a combination of Power Apps and Power Automate, we will be able to onboard new employees as soon as they sign the offer letter.  

Using a Power App, we can input a new employee’s information, then Power Automate will trigger a flow to run a PowerShell script to create a user account for said employee.  

Once a user account is made, we can use Windows Autopilot to set up the new employee’s device. We can work with hardware vendors to make the preloaded version of Windows on new devices “business ready.” It removes the time-consuming and laborious process of installing new operating system images to business devices. New employees can just log in to their machines with their brand-new accounts and company-approved apps will automatically install on the device. 

During this new era of hybrid work, employees no longer have to come into offices to get new equipment. Company devices can be sent to them straight from the manufacturer. With the Power Platform and other Microsoft assets like Windows Autopilot, Cloudforce can speed up our internal processes and help our tech ninjas bring even greater value to Cloudforce clients.  

Windows Power Platform can give even the most inexperienced technician the tools they need to automate business processes. The experienced cloud ninjas at Cloudforce can help you automate processes for your business to help you provide more value to your clients. Reach out to our team to find out more at one of the links below so we can show you how! 

Angela Latson

Angela joined the Cloudforce family as a Cloud Services Intern and earned a certification in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. She is now a Cloud Services Associate and is thrilled at the opportunity to grow with the company as it revolutionizes custom cloud solutions.

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